Customize your Okta org

Provide a seamless experience to your end usersIn Okta literature, we generally refer to "end users" as the people who have their own Okta home page (My Applications), using apps to authenticate into all of their apps. End users do not have any administrative control. When we refer to "users" we are generally referring to the individual(s) who have administrative control. by configuring custom sign-in, sign-out, or error pages, adding a custom URL domainA domain is an attribute of an Okta organization. Okta uses a fully-qualified domain name, meaning it always includes the top-level domain (.com, .eu, etc.), but does not include the protocol (https)., managing the end user dashboard, and changing language settings or themes.

General customization options

Configure custom pages, change language settings or themes, or configure where the end user information and passwords are managed.

Manage dashboard tabs for end users

Manage tabs and apps end users see on their Okta dashboard.

Configure a custom Okta-hosted sign-in page

Customize the look and feel of the Okta Sign-in page using form controls and HTML.

Configure a custom error page

Customize the look and feel of the Okta error page using form controls and HTML.