Okta Access Gateway Version History

This page lists current and past versions of Okta Access Gateway. This page is updated whenever a new version of the software is released to General Availability (GA) and/or Early AccessEarly Access (EA) features are opt-in features that you can try out in your org by asking Okta Support to enable them. Additionally, the Features page in the Okta Admin Console (Settings > Features) allows Super Admins to enable and disable some EA features themselves. (EA). 

For more information, see Okta Access Gateway.


Current GA Version 4.5.0
Current EA Version 1.0.0

Released Versions

Version Description Release
4.4.0 internal release NA
4.3.0 Internal release NA
4.2.0 GA 2019.10.31
3.0.0 Internal release NA
2.0.0 EA Interim release 2019.10.02
1.0.0 Initial version 2019.08.01