Remove access to the Okta End-User Dashboard

This guide provides the instructions needed to prevent your users from accessing the old Okta End-User Dashboard. This can be useful if you want to simultaneously move all your users to the new experience without having to accomodate a slower migration, or if you want to avoid continuing support for one or more dashboards.


  • If you want to remove access to the old Okta End-User Dashboard so that your users are only able to access the new Okta End-User Dashboard, you must first Enable the new Okta End-User Experience. Continuing without enabling the new experience will lock your users out from both dashboards.
  • If you enable the new experience only for some users or groups, those without who do not have new experience enabled will be unable to sign in to both dashboards when you disable access.
  • If you want to prevent your users from accessing both dashboards, no prerequisites are required.

Note: If you ever find yourself unintentionally locked out of both the new and old Okta End-User Dashboard, you can access the admin console for your org by navigating to <orgname>

Remove access to the old Okta End-User Dashboard

Note: Unless you do not want end users to access both the old and new Okta End-User Dashboard, please enable the new end-user experience first.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Settings > Customization . Or, if you enabled Branding EA, go to CustomizationsOther.
  2. In the New End-User Experience section, select the checkbox for Disable access to the old end user dashboard and plugin
  3. Click Disable Access in the prompt that appears.


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