Set default email notifications for admins

Super admins can set default email notifications for all admins in their org. Most admins have their own set of available Email notifications. The exceptions are report, group membership, and third-party admins, who may receive global Okta communications but are not eligible for system notifications.

After you configure these settings, admins will only receive emails for groups, apps, or users that they have permission to view. For example, an app admin who is subscribed to app-related email notifications will only receive notifications about the apps they are assigned to.

About admin roles for this task

Unless otherwise noted, these procedures can be performed by super admins only.

Set default email notifications

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Settings > Account.
  2. In the Admin Email Notifications section, search the Notification Preferences For menu for an admin role.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Select the email notifications you want these admins to receive.

  5. Click Save.

Hide email addresses of recipients

This task can be performed by super admins and org admins.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Settings > Account.
  2. Click Edit.

  3. In the Global Notifications section, select the BCC option.
  4. Click Save.

Set your own email notifications

For your own account, you can opt in to or out of the system notifications and Okta communications that you configured for super admins. After saving defaults for super admins, select My Preferences from the Notification Preferences For menu, and then make your choices.

Configure third-party admin notifications

Third-party admins can perform administrative actions without interacting with the Admin Console. There are no system notifications available to third-party admins, but they can receive Okta communications. If you want to exclude them from official Okta correspondence, click Edit in the Third-Party Admins section. Select the Manage Third-Party Adminscheck box, and then click Save.

Email notifications

Email Notification Super Admin Org Admin Read-only Admin Mobile Admin Group Admin App Admin Help Desk Admin API Access Management Admin

Report Admin

Group Membership Admin

System Notifications
User lockouts Y^ Y^ N N Y*^ N Y N



User deprovisions Y^ N N


(Google apps and Android for Work only)

N Y^ N


(OIDC apps only)



App user import status Y^ Y^ N N N Y^ N N



On-Premises Provisioning, and Okta On-Prem MFA Agents disconnects and reconnects Y Y N N N Y N N



IWA agents disconnects and reconnects Y Y N N N Y N N



AD agents disconnects and reconnects Y Y N N N Y N N



LDAP agents disconnects and reconnects Y Y N N N Y N N



Rate limit warning and violation Y N N N N N N N



Free org has been upgraded and licensed. Y N N N N N N N N


Users reporting suspicious activity Y Y                
Okta Communications
Okta release notes and announcements Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y



Trust incidents and updates


Y** Y** Y** Y** Y** Y** Y**



Scheduled system updates Y** Y** Y** Y** Y** Y** Y** Y**



* Notifications are sent only to admins authorized to unlock users.

** Off by default.

^ Off by default for orgs created after Sept 5th, 2018.


  • Individual admins can set their own email notification preferences. See Configure your email notifications.

  • When you edit an admin type’s email notifications, any custom notification preferences that individual admins set up are restored to their type defaults (this occurs regardless of the admin type that you edited).
  • Rate limit warning and violation:

    All Customer Identity org super admins are only notified in the Admin Console and by email about their org-wide rate limit usage and not for their client and operations-based rate limit usage. See Rate limits overview.

    Notifications flag warnings and violations.

    • Warnings appear when the org’s rate limit usage exceeds the threshold. Currently, the threshold is set at 60% for API products and at 90% for workforce products.

    • Violations appear when the org’s rate limit usage reaches 100%.

    Super admins can opt out of the email notifications.

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