Set default email notifications

Super admins can set default email notifications for admins based on the needs and preferences of your organization. For a list of default admin email notifications, see Configure your email notifications

To set default email notifications for an admin: 

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Settings > Account.
  2. In the Email Notifications section, click Edit.

  3. From the drop-down menu, select the admin type that you want to receive the default email notifications.

  4. Select the email notifications you want these admins to receive.

  5. Click Save.


  • Each admin, with the exception of report and third-party admins, has their own set of available email notification types.

  • Admins will only receive emails for groups, apps, or users that they have permission to view. For example, an app admin who is subscribed to app-related email notifications will only receive notifications about the apps they are assigned to.

  • Individual admins can set their own email notification preferences.

  • When you edit an admin type’s email notifications, any custom notification preferences that individual admins set up are restored to their type defaults (this occurs regardless of the admin type that you edited).