Share and collaborate on Flows

In the Home view, there are multiple folders to contain your Flows. These are listed along the left pane of the window.

There are two folders at the top of the list:

  • My Flows:  Flows stored in “My Flows” are private so only you can see and use them.
  • Shared Flows:  Flows moved into “Shared Flows” are automatically shared with every user in your organization -- including new people who are invited later. Everyone can view, run, edit, view Flow history, or delete any Flow in this folder.

Below the two built-in folders you’ll see a list other folders you’ve created or that have been shared with you. You can click “Create Folder” to add new ones.

All folders that you create start out as private. When you select a custom folder, you’ll see a Sharing button above the list of Flows. Click it to decide who to share your folder with and how.

A user may have one of our roles when using a custom folder:

  • No Access

    Does not see the folder and cannot run or view the Flows.

  • Run and View Only

    Can view and run all Flows but cannot create or edit Flows or view Flow execution data.

  • Run, View, History

    Similar to "Run and View Only" but can also view Flow execution data. This is useful when you want to give a user permission to audit or debug Flow results while still protecting the Flow from unwanted edits.

  • Full Access

    Has full permission for the folder and all of its Flows. Can create, edit, delete, view execution data, and change folder permissions.

A user’s role determines their permissions for the Flows currently contained in the folder as well as Flows that are added later.

Sharing connnections to applications

Flows typically contain events or actions that connect to one or more applications that require connections. Just as Flows can be shared, connections to applications can also be shared.

There are three roles a user may have for a connection:

  • Can Run

    Able to run or edit a Flow that uses this connection, but only if it the Flow been shared. Cannot access or modify the connection options or add new events or actions using this connection.

  • Can Use

    Able to add new events and actions using this connection.

  • Can Edit

    Has full permission for the connection. Can modify, change permissions for, or delete this connection.

All new connections are Can Run for all other users by default so that Flows will just work when shared. If you don't want anyone to access the connection, don't share any Flows that use the connection. If you want to restrict access, share only in folders where you are the only one set to Can Edit for the folder.

To allow others to use the connection for new actions and in new Flows, add them as Can Use and it will show up in their connection list, but they still won't be able to modify the connection. To share the connection with full permission, you can assign additional individuals to Can Edit or, for shared company connections, you can set all users to have full permission.

To change how a connection you created is shared, click on the gear icon that appears to the right of the connection name and choose Edit permissions. You’ll find your connections for a specific application on the first tab of any event or action card that connects to that application. To find a full list of the connection you can edit or use, click the gear icon at the top-left of the Home screen and choose the Connections heading along the top.