Monitor For New Row

Monitor a Google Sheet for whenever a new row is created. When a new row is created, the Flow will be activated.

NOTE: If there is a blank cell in between two values in the column you are searching within, this action will only search for values above that blank cell. We recommend making sure the column you are searching in Flows has a value in every row, even if it is 0, so that this action will search the entire column. It will also not trigger if you paste over existing data. So for example, if you cleared data out of cells but didn't completely delete the row, the designer will see anything you paste into the row as an update, not a new row.


  • Spreadsheet(dropdown list): the spreadsheet to monitor

  • Worksheet(dropdown list): the sheet inside the spreadsheet to be monitored



  • number(text): the number of the row that was created

  • value(text): the values contained within the newly created row

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