Read Spreadsheet Info

Read information about a spreadsheet in your Google Sheets account. If you have spreadsheets with duplicate names, only the first result is returned.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


Field Type: Choose from Name or ID. You must enter the spreadsheet name or the spreadsheet ID in the Input section depending on the option you chose.


  • Spreadsheet

    • Name: spreadsheet name

    • ID: spreadsheet's unique ID, this can be found in the spreadsheet URL; for example, if the URL is, the spreadsheet ID is 1OKS-x2YGrFaRh4V51rG_YU4HLEO51Mvsrkvk.


  • Spreadsheet

    • ID: spreadsheet's unique ID

    • URL: URL of the spreadsheet

  • Worksheets (object): collection of worksheets in the spreadsheet

    • Name: names of the worksheet tabs in the spreadsheet

    • ID(number): unique IDs of the worksheet tabs in the spreadsheet

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