Google Sheets connector

Google Sheets connector allows you to create, read, and update worksheets, rows, and columns.

Authorize your Google Sheets account

Authorization: When you add a Google Sheets card to a Flow for the first time, you'll be prompted to create a configuration. This will allow you to connect to your account, save your account information, and reuse that configuration next time you build a Flow with the connector. By doing so, you don't have to authenticate every time you want to build a Flow with this connector. Instead, use the configuration you have already set up.

Google Sheets connector event cards



Monitor For New Row Trigger a flow when a new row is added to a spreadsheet. This event monitors spreadsheets based on their row count. A flow will not be triggered when rows are added and then immediately removed, or removed and then immediately added back. Blank rows will only trigger a flow if they are added between rows with content.

Google Sheets connector action cards



Clear Row Clear a row in a Google Spreadsheet.

Copy Spreadsheet

Copy a complete spreadsheet, including all worksheets and data, to a new spreadsheet with a new name.

Copy Worksheet

Copy a worksheet from one spreadsheet to another.

Create Row

Add a new row to the bottom of a spreadsheet.

Create Spreadsheet

Create a single spreadsheet that contains multiple worksheets.

Create Worksheet Create a new worksheet in a spreadsheet of your choice.

Delete Row

Delete a row in a Google Sheet.

Delete Spreadsheet

Delete an existing spreadsheet.

Delete Worksheet Remove a single worksheet and all of its data.
Read All Rows Read all non-header rows from a worksheet and return them as a collection.

Read All Spreadsheets

Retrieve ID information about every spreadsheet in a Google Sheets account.

Read Cell

Read the values from a specific cell in a spreadsheet.

Read Column

Retrieve values from a column in a Google Sheet.

Read Row Read the values from a specific row.

Read Spreadsheet Info

Read information about a spreadsheet in your Google Sheets account.

Read Worksheet Info Retrieve information about a worksheet in your Google Sheets account.
Search Column Search one column in a Google Sheet for a specific term.

Update Cell

Change the value in a cell.

Update Row Update the values in a spreadsheet row.

Update Worksheet Info

Update a worksheet's metadata information.