Update Project

Update a project in Jira.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


  • Project

    • ID or Key: ID or key of the issue to edit. You can use the Search Projects card or Search Projects by Issue card to find this information.
  • Fields

    • Key: new key for the project

    • Name: name of the project

    • Description: description of the project

    • Lead Account ID: account ID of the project lead; to obtain the lead account ID, you can perform a search by email address using the Search Users card, or note the last ID from the profile page. For example, in the URL https://oktainc.atlassian.net/jira/people/5d0c7af1ac9cfa0bc6eed1c7, the lead account ID is 5d0c7af1ac9cfa0bc6eed1c7.

    • Issue Security Scheme: ID of the issue security scheme for the project, which enables you to control who can and cannot view issues

    • Permission Scheme: ID of the project's permission scheme, which contains information on permission grants for groups or users

    • Notification Scheme: ID of the project's notification scheme, which contains a list of events and recipients who will receive notifications for those events

    • Category: ID of the project's category


  • Response

    • Status Code (number): status of the attempt (status codes are defined here)