List Projects

List all Jira projects and their information.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


There are no input fields for this card.


  • Result

    • Projects (list of objects)

      • Key: unique project key

      • Project ID: ID of the project

      • Description: description of the project

      • API Resource URL: URL to the API resource for the project

      • URL: URL to the project

      • Category: category of the project

      • Issue Types (list of text): list of issue types

      • Lead Account ID: account ID of the project lead; to obtain the lead account ID, you can perform a search by email address using the Search Users card, or note the last ID from the profile page. For example, in the URL, the lead account ID is 5d0c7af1ac9cfa0bc6eed1c7.

      • Lead Display Name: display name of the project lead

      • Lead Active (true/false): indicator if the lead is active