Custom Webhook

Choose an event hook and listen for the specified event in Okta API that will trigger the Flow in real time.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.



  • Output

    • Date and Time: The date and time that the event was triggered in Okta API.

    • Message: The message details about the event.

    • Event ID: The event's unique identifier key.

    • Event Type: The type of event that was published.

    • Event Time: The timestamp when the notification was delivered to the service.

    • Version: The versioning indicator.

    • Actor (object): Okta user who performed the event operation.

      • ID: ID of the Okta user.

      • Alternate ID: The email address of the Okta user.

      • Display Name: The display name of the Okta user.

    • Targets (list of objects): Okta resources that were operated on (Users, Groups, Applications, Application Users, or others)

      • ID: ID of the Okta resource

      • Alternate ID: The alternate ID of the Okta resource

      • Display Name: The display name of the Okta resource

    • UUID: webhook event's universal unique identified

    • Full Details (object): The raw JSON payload returned from the Okta API.