Searches records in Salesforce for term(s) of your choosing and outputs the unique ID of the first record that is found matching your search term(s). Because only one record ID is returned, we recommend searching by a unique term (for example, Email if you are searching for a contact) to ensure this action outputs the ID you are looking for.


Field Definition Type Required
Record type a dropdown of your available record types in Salesforce, including custom records Dropdown FALSE


Input fields are dynamically generated and will reflect the fields that are available in your Salesforce instance for that record type. You can search by a minimum of one or a combination of multiple inputs to find the record ID. Any field with _c at the end is a custom field. Note: If you are searching by a date field in this action, it must be in standard UTC format.


**data **

Field Definition Type
id the unique identifier in Salesforce of the first record that was found matching your search term(s) Number

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