Update Record

Update an existing record in Salesforce.


Field Definition Type Required
Record type A dynamically generated list of available record types in Salesforce, including custom records Dropdown FALSE


**Record **

Field Definition Type Required
ID unique identifier of the record in Salesforce Number FALSE

Input fields are dynamically generated from your record type selection. Custom fields are marked with _c. Standard fields are listed below.

Note: Dates must be in standard UTC format. The Salesforce API automatically converts timestamps to the timezone of your instance.

Field Definition Type Required
ParentID unique identifier of the parent record in Salesforce Number FALSE
Name name of the record String FALSE
Type _ category of the record, represented in your Salesforce instance as a drop-down menu (for consistency across records, match the spelling and capitalization to the available options) picklist FALSE
OwnerId Unique identifier of the record's owner. You can search for an owner's ID by using the Salesforce Search action and selecting "User" as the record type Number FALSE

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