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Creates a new record of the specified type in Salesforce.


  • Record type(dropdown): a dropdown of your available record types in Salesforce, including custom records

Input Fields

Input fields are dynamically generated and will reflect the fields that are available in your Salesforce instance for that record type. Any field with _c at the end is a custom field. Note: for any date field you are writing to in this action, it must be in standard UTC format. The Salesforce API will automatically convert it to the timezone of your instance.

Here are some standard fields that you may see as inputs on your card:

  • ParentId(number): The unique identifier of the parent record in Salesforce to which you want to associate this new record

  • Name(text): The name of the record that you are creating

  • Type(picklist): The category of the record you are creating, represented in your Salesforce instance as a dropdown menu. Note: You can write any value to this field, but we recommend matching the exact spelling and capitalization to the available dropdown options to ensure consistency across your records

  • OwnerId(number): The unique identifier of the owner of the record you are creating. You can search for a particular owner's ID by using the Salesforce Search action and selecting "User" as the record type

Output Fields

**data **

  • id(number): the unique identifier in Salesforce of the record that was created

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