Update Update

Update an existing record in Salesforce.


  • Record type(drop-down): A dynamically generated list of available record types in Salesforce, including custom records


**Record **

  • ID(number): unique identifier of the record in Salesforce


Input fields are dynamically generated from your record type selection. Custom fields are marked with _c. Standard fields are listed below.

Note: Dates must be in standard UTC format. The Salesforce API automatically converts timestamps to the timezone of your instance.

  • ParentID(number): unique identifier of the parent record in Salesforce

  • Name(text): name of the record

  • Type(picklist):_ category of the record, represented in your Salesforce instance as a drop-down menu (for consistency across records, match the spelling and capitalization to the available options)

  • OwnerId(number): Unique identifier of the record's owner. You can search for an owner's ID by using the Salesforce Search action and selecting "User" as the record type

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