Field Updated

Start a Flow when an existing record is updated.


  • Field Updated does not monitor the Owner_ID field on any record type because Salesforce API does not record ID changes in its system.

  • Field Updated can only monitor the most recent change made on a field.

  • Field Updated can only monitor fields that are history-enabled.

You must be a Salesforce Admin to enable history:

  1. In your Salesforce instance, navigate to Setup > Build.

  2. Click Customize.

  3. Select the record type that you want to monitor, and then click Add a Custom Field.

  4. Click Set History Tracking.


  • Record Type(drop-down list): A dynamically generated list of record types, including custom objects

  • Field(drop-down list): writable fields, including custom fields in Salesforce, generated from your Record Type selection


  • Record

    • A dynamically generated list of readable fields from your Salesforce Account
  • Field History

    • Old Value(text): value of the field before it was changed

    • New Value(text): current value of the field

  • Context

    • Execution ID(text): unique identifier of the execution that updated the record

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