Monitor Changed Monitor Changed

Monitor Salesforce for updated records of a specified type.


Do not use the Test functionality on Salesforce monitors. Because records created in Salesforce are not immediately picked up by the API, monitors are set to a 15-minute delay. You can miss record changes if you test before the monitor runs.


  • Record type(drop-down): a dropdown of your available record types in Salesforce, including custom records


Output fields are dynamically generated from your record type selection. Custom fields are marked with _c. Standard fields are listed below.

  • ID(number): the unique identifier of the record that was updated in Salesforce

  • IsDeleted(boolean)true if the record has been deleted, false if it is still active

  • IsPrivate(boolean)true if the record is private, false if it is public

  • Name(text): name of the record that was updated

  • CreatedDate(timestamp): timestamp when the record was created (UTC format, timezone of your Salesforce instance)

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