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Updated Field

Monitors Salesforce for when one field within one record is changed.

Note: this monitor can't monitor for the field "Owner_ID" on ANY record type. Salesforce's API does not record when or if owner ID is changed within the system, and therefore doesn't tell the monitor to fire.


  • Record type(dropdown): a dropdown of your available record types in Salesforce, including custom records

  • Field(dropdown): a dropdown of your available fields to monitor within the record you chose. NOTE: The field you choose must be history enabled within Salesforce. To check if a field is history enabled or to make it so, first go to 'Setup' within your Salesforce instance. Click 'Customize' under Build and select the record type you will be monitoring. Select 'Add a custom field'. Click 'Set History Tracking'. (You will need to be an administrator to make any changes). NOTE: Although it will appear in your options dropdown, this monitor will not trigger if you select the field "Owner_ID".

  • Is this a lookup field?(yes/no): Lookup fields can be identified in Salesforce as the fields with the looking glass next to them. Lookup fields trigger this monitor twice, and so they are handled in a special way compared with any other type of field. NOTE: if you select "yes" on this option, it will not pick up all records if you try to bulk update this record type and field in Salesforce. It only picks up one record every second, so in a bulk update situation only one record will be passed through the Flow out of the entire set of records you update. Bulk updating records will work for non-lookup fields.

Output Fields


  • OldValue(text): The value of the field before it was changed


The output fields are dynamically generated and will reflect the fields that are available in your Salesforce instance for that record type. NOTE: Any field with _c at the end is a custom field. Here are some standard fields that you may see as outputs on your monitor:

  • Id(number): the unique identifier in Salesforce of the record on which the field was updated. NOTE: This field must be selected and showing on your card in order for your Flow to work.

  • IsDeleted__ (boolean): returns true if the record has been deleted and false if it is still active

  • IsPrivate__ (boolean): returns true if the record is private and false if it is public

  • Name__ (text): name of the record that was updated

  • CreatedDate__ (timestamp): the day and time at which the record was created given in UTC format within the timezone of your Salesforce instance.

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