Send Message to Channel

Send a message to a Slack channel. You must be a member of the channel. You can send the message as a bot or from your own ID.


Field Definition Type Required


available channels; a maximum of 8,000 public channels and 4,000 private channels of which you're a member will be displayed.

Dropdown FALSE
Send as Bot?

yes to send the message from a bot or no to send it from your own ID

Dropdown FALSE
Unfurl URLs? indicate whether Slack should scan links found in messages and create attachments based on the link's contents Dropdown FALSE


To enter a channel ID manually, select Enter Channel ID from the dropdown and populate the Channel ID field.

If you're using the upgraded Slack connector in your Flows and you sent a message to a private Slack channel using a bot, then the Okta Slack app will be added to the list of available private channels.


Field Definition Type Required
Text message text (may include emojis:, #channels, @users, and /commands) String FALSE


Field Definition Type
Timestamp timestamp when message was sent String

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