Copy Sight

Sights, now called Dashboards in the new Smartsheet, are a collection of widgets that can contain data from a variety of different data sources (for example, sheets, reports, or custom data).

Copy sight allows you to copy one of those sights (dashboards) to a new location.


  • Your Smartsheet sheets (dropdown list): A list of all available Smartsheet sheets associated with your Smartsheet account.

  • Copy To (dropdown list): The destination of your copied folder.

    • Folder Copy to another folder.

    • Workspace Copy to an existing workspace.

    • Home Copy to Home.

Input Fields

  • Workspace/Folder ID(text): The ID of the existing Workspace. Not an option if Home is the copy destination

  • Source Sight ID(number): The ID of the existing Sight.

  • New Name(text): Name of your newly copied sight.

Output Fields

  • Sight ID(text): The ID of the newly created Dashboard (sight).

  • Sight URL(url): The URL of the newly created Dashboard (sight).

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