Create Sheet

Create a new sheet.


  • Create from (dropdown list):

    • Blank sheet (text):create a blank sheet.

    • From sheet ID (text): create a sheet given a specific sheet ID

    • Existing sheet (text): create a sheet by selecting an existing sheet from the dropdown list.


Input fields vary depending on the option selected.

  • **--Blank Sheet-- **

    • Sheet

      • name: name of the new sheet being created
    • Columns

      • Primary Column (text):name of the new primary column
  • --From sheet ID--

    • Sheet

      • name (text): name of the new sheet.

      • ID (text): ID of the sheet to be used as a template for the new sheet.

  • Existing sheet

    • Sheet

      • name (text): name of the new sheet


  • result

    • id (text): ID of the new sheet.

    • permalink (text): permanent url associated with the new sheet.

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