Search by Column

Search all cells in a column for a specified value.


  • Your Smartsheet sheets (dropdown list): A list of all available Smartsheet sheets associated with your Smartsheet account. If you choose the option -- Insert ID -- you will be able to dynamically input a sheet ID from an action previously in the Flow.

  • Return (dropdown list): Choose 'Single Row' to return the first result, or choose 'All Rows' to return a list of all results.


  • Sheet ID (this field only appears if '-- Select ID --' is selected in the 'Your Smartsheet Sheets' dropdown menu) (text): The ID of the sheet you want to share

  • Columns: A dynamically generated list of all columns in your chosen sheet.  Enter values in the columns that you wish to search by.

    *   Note - if field is a boolean, search 1 for 'true' and 0 for 'false'


  • Result

    • ID (text or list): Returns the row ID of the first result found or returns a list of row IDs for all results found, depending on the option chosen in the 'Return' dropdown

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