Share Sight

Share Sight

Share a sight with several potential access levels, with the ability to send a link to the sight in an email.


  • Access Level (dropdown list): A list of all of the permissions that you can choose when sharing a sight. Values are specified in

  • Send Email? (dropdown): you can either send an email link to the new person/group, or not.


  • Sight ID(number): the ID of the sight you want to share.

If you selected Yes in the "Send Email?" option:

  • To (text): The email address of the recipient

  • Subject (text): The subject of the email

  • Message (text): The body of the email

  • CC Me (dropdown): Select 'true' if you want a copy of the email to be sent to the email address associated with your Smartsheet account.

If you selected No in the "Send Email?" option:

  • User Email (text): The email address of the new user/group. An email will not be sent.

Access Level (this field only appears if '-- Select Value --' is selected in the 'Access Level' dropdown menu)

  • Value (text): The access level you want to set.  Use values as specified in

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