Update Column Properties

Updates the properties associated with a column. Using this action enables you to change the name, location, and property type of a column inside of Smartsheet.


  • Your smartsheet sheets:  The sheet to update, or –Insert ID– to define the sheet as an input.

  • **Your sheet's columns: **The name of the column to update, or –Insert ID– to define the column as an input.


  • Index (text): Insert a number value to determine the index location where you would want to move the column on the sheet when it is updated. If you want the location of the column to remain unchanged leave the value blank.

  • Title (text): If you want to change the name of the column insert a text string into that field. To keep the value the same leave blank.

  • Options (text): Insert the values that you would want to update in the column property type. For example, if you are building a dropdown list you would insert the "List" output from the "Create Dropdown List" action.

  • Type (d_ropdown list_)**: **Select the property type that you would want the column to be changed to:

    • Text/Number: Will make the column property type a basic text / number column that will then expect to have those types of values entered.

    • Contact List: Will enable the contact list functionality where you can type in either a name or email address and the cell will be populated with an individual's name (Display Name) and their associated email address (Value).

    • **Date: **Sets the column property to expect a date value. Typically in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD

    • **Dropdown List: **Coverts the column to use a dropdown list of values that a user inside Smartsheet gets to choose from. **NOTE: **for this to work you need to have inserted a "List" from "Create Dropdown List" like mentioned above for this to populate values into the new dropdown list for that column.

    • **Checkbox: **Converts the column to be a checkbox where the user can either check or uncheck box inside of Smartsheet.

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