Updated Report

This card monitors for new and updated rows in a Smartsheet report.


  • Your Smartsheet Reports (dropdown list): A list of all available Smartsheet reports associated with your Smartsheet account.


  • Metadata

    • ID (text): The ID of the row.

    • Row Number (text): the row number as it appears on the report

    • Created At (text): The time that the row was created on its parent sheet.

    • Modified At (text): The time that the row was modified on its parent sheet.

  • Output

    • Table Columns -- dynamic(column specific): The card will read any user defined column names and output them dynamically.

    • Row ID(text): Row ID within the report

    • Sheet ID(text): Sheet ID of the sheet in the report

    • Created At(text): time of when the report was created

    • Modified At (text): time when the report was last modified

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