Column Updated - Polling

Monitors for updates or additions to a column inside a Smartsheet sheet.


  • Your Smartsheet sheets (dropdown list): A list of all available Smartsheet sheets associated with your Smartsheet account.

  • Sheet Columns (dropdown list): A named list of columns within the sheet selected. The items in this list are dynamically named according to the names of the column within the sheet selected.


Important: In addition to the output fields listed below, the Monitor Column Card will also generate a number of dynamic output fields. These fields are generated based on the names you have given the rows within your Smartsheet sheet.

  • Column

    • Column ID(text): Smartsheet ID of the column being monitored.

    • Value(text): The raw value of a cell (e.g., a cell may contain the raw value '2.00', but may be displayed as the number '2')

    • Display value(text): The formatted value of a cell (as in the above example, within a cell the display value may be '2', but the raw value would be '2.00')

  • Row

    • Row ID(text): Smartsheet ID of the row that contains an updated column cell.

    • Row Number(text): The number of the row that has been updated.

  • History

    • Modified time(text): A timestamp of the form: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.

    • Previous display value(text): The external value that was previously contained within a cell of the updated column.

    • Previous value(text): The internal value that was previously contained within a cell of the updated column.

    • Modified by(text): Name of the user who updated the column.

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