New Attachment

Monitors for new attachments in a sheet.


  • Your Smartsheet sheets (dropdown list): A list of all available Smartsheet sheets associated with your Smartsheet account.


  • Attachment

    • id(text): ID of attachment within Smartsheet.

    • name(text): name of the attachment

    • attachmentType (text): type of attachment, one of: FILE, GOOGLE_DRIVE, LINK, BOX_COM, DROPBOX, EVERNOTE, EGNYTE, ONEDRIVE.

    • mimeType (text): attachment MIME type (PNG, JPG, so on...)

    • parentType (text): type of object the attachment belongs to, one of: SHEET, ROW, COMMENT.

    • parentId (text): id of the parent within Smartsheet.

    • createdAt (text): timestamp of when the attachment was created

    • creatorName (text): name of the creator

    • creatorEmail (text): email of the creator

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