Get User

Get detailed information of a Zoom user.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk on the Action Card.


  • User

    • User ID: The unique identifier of the user.


  • Profile

    • User ID: The user's unique identifier.

    • Username: login username of the user

    • Primary Email primary email address associated with the user

    • First Name: The user's first name.

    • Last Name: The user's last name.

    • Display Name: The name of the user that is visible to other team members; the display name may be different than the user's full name.

    • Department: The name of user's department.

    • User Type: The type of user. See Account Types.

      • Basic: A user without a paid license.

      • Pro: A user with a paid account who can host unlimited meetings on the public cloud.

      • Corp: A user with paid account who can host unlimited meetings with the on-premises meeting connector.

    • Role: indicates the type of admin role assigned to the user profile

    • Active?(True/False): True if the user account is active; False, otherwise.

    • Login Using SSO?(True/False): true, if the new user will access Zoom using single sign-on; false, otherwise.

    • Login Using Work Email?(True/False): True if the new user will access Zoom using a work email address; False, otherwise.

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