Connected Applications Limit

Your subscription plan determines the limit for the number of Connected Applications for your organization. To increase your limit, contact your account representative.

What counts against your Connected Applications Limit?

Each time you connect to an application and use it in a Flow that is turned ON, it counts against your limit. Multiple connections to a single app (e.g. multiple Gmail accounts) only count as one.

If there are multiple users in your organization, the count is based on the combined number of Connected Applications across all users. (Some of these may be in Flows in private folders that you are unable to view.)

What if you no longer use an Application?

If you turn off all Flows in your organization that connect to an application, that application will no longer count against your limit. Return to the Subscription status page at any time to check on current usage vs. your total, e.g. "2/3 Connected Applications" indicates that you have 2 connected applications counting against the 3 included in your current plan.

If you're not sure why an application is showing up as a connected app:

When you create a new Flow or add a new action to a Flow, the "My Connected Apps" section will show which applications are counting against your limit.

To get a list of which Flows are connected to an application, go to Settings > Connections. That page will list all application connections you have permission to use. For any connection, click the Usage button at the right to get a list of Flows that use that connection. If you are in an organization with multiple users, there may be additional connections and/or Flows that you do not have permission to view, so you'll need to check with other users as well.