Create Table

This function creates a new Table, returning the Table ID for that table so that you can add rows to it in subsequent cards, import rows from a CSV or another Table, etc.  The new Table will be created in the "My Folder" personal folder for the user who is the owner of the Flow. The table may appear in another user's "My Folder" personal folder if the Create Table card is located in a Child Flow. When the Create Table card exists in a Child Flow, whoever executed the Child Flow will have the table appear in their "My Folder" personal folder.

The column schema is a list of objects, each with two keys:  name and type.  Name is the name of the table column, column is its type.  For example:

[{"name":"First name","type":"string"},{"name":"Last name","type":"string"},{"name":"Jersey number","type":"number"},{"name":"Active?","type":"boolean"}]

You can create schema manually, or use the Read Table function to obtain the schema of an existing Table.  For example, if you wanted to create a new table that has the same schema as an existing table but one additional column, you could use the Read Table function followed by the Add to End function, then use that as the input to Create Table.


  • Name - string - the name for the new table

  • Column Schema - list of objects, in the format above, defining the columns for the new table


  • Table ID - string - the UUID for the table

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