About Flows

A Flow is a series of processes visually represented by cards on the Workflows Designer canvas. Each card represents a specific action that is completed before progressing to the next step in a Flow.

No actions in a Flow take place unless the Flow itself is triggered by the occurrence of an event. One Event (and only one) must always precede one or more Actions in a Flow. An event is specified in an Event card. Examples of Events:

  • A new record is created in Salesforce
  • A new email is received in Gmail
  • A file is updated in Google Drive


Not all third-party application connectors in Workflows have Event cards.

When the event does occur, each action is performed in order from left to right. The sequence of Action cards that follow the Event card define what your Flow will do. Flows can contain two types of actions: Application Actions and Function Actions.

To learn more about a specific element of a Flow, see the related topics.

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