About roles and permissions

Each "Org" in the product has "Users": the people who have access to the Flows that belong to that organization. You can access the Users by clicking Settings on the top navigation and then clicking Users on the secondary navigation.

Users may be assigned one of the three roles:


This is the lowest level of permission a user can have. Members have their own "My Flows" folder where they can create Flows of their own and add connections to applications. By default, nobody else -- not even administrators -- can view Flows or access connections created by a member unless that member chooses to share them using the Shared Flows folder, a new folder that is shared, or changing connection permissions. Any member can see the full list of other members and their roles, but cannot invite additional members into the organization.


An administrator has all of the permissions of Member plus they can invite additional members into the organization. They cannot view or access any Flows or connections that have not been shared with them.

Primary Administrator

A primary administrator is just like an administrator except they cannot be downgraded to a lesser role and they are the only user able to upgrade or change subscription settings, or name a different user to be the new primary administrator. Contact support if you need to make a change to the primary administrator for a single user organization.

A single user can be a member of different organizations, and may have different roles assigned for different organizations.

To set roles for sharing Flows and Connections with others in your team, see [Sharing and Collaborating on Flows]({{< ref "/sharing-flos/2338.md" >}}).