About scheduled Flows

A Scheduled Flow event is used to run on a schedule, such as once an hour, 5pm on Fridays, or at 9am on the first day of every month.

Adding a Scheduled Flow event prompts you to provide the schedule details. You can change the schedule by clicking the clock icon at the bottom of the card. Note that you can similarly adjust the schedule of most application events. For example, you can set a Salesforce - New Record event to check for new records every Friday at 5pm rather than every 5 minutes.

The schedule goes into effect only after the Flow has been turned on.

Each Scheduled Flow card has the following outputs:

  • Current Time - the date and time that the current instance of the Flow was initiated (in ISO UTC format). This can be passed to any text or date & time input.

  • Execution ID - the unique ID of the Flow instance.