Child and scheduled Flows

Flows begin with an [Event]({{< relref "/archives/" >}}). Often that event will be tied to an application (e.g. new records in Salesforce). This topic covers two alernatives: A Schedule event or a Child Flow event.

Child Flow

A "Child Flow" event is used for a Flow that runs when called by another Flow.

This is useful when:

Each Child Flow card has the following outputs:

Note: A Child Flow must be turned on before it can be called by other Flows.

Scheduled Flow

A "Scheduled Flow" event is used for a Flow that runs according to a schedule, such as once an hour, 5pm on Fridays, or at 9am on the first day of every month.

Adding a Scheduled Flow event prompts you to provide the schedule details. You can change the schedule by clicking the clock icon at the bottom of the card. (Note: You can similarly adjust the schedule of most application events. For instance, you can set a Salesforce - New Record event to check for new records every Friday at 5pm rather than every 5 minutes.)

The schedule goes into effect only after the Flow has been turned on.

Each Scheduled Flow card has the following outputs: