Dynamic Fields on a card

Dynamic Fields


Google Sheets - Read Row:  The output fields correspond to the column headers in the spreadsheet you choose.

Salesforce - Find Record:  The inputs depend on the record type you choose to search for.

Common Warnings

The fields below may change. This warning shows up on an Event or Action card when:

  • You haven't yet connected to the app or chosen an account, or required parameters are missing.

  • One or more of the inputs or outputs on the card are based on the account and parameters you choose.

To clear this warning, you'll need to add or update the connection and re-sync the inputs and outputs by opening and closing the Choose Fields settings menu (accessed via the cog in the bottom right corner of the card).

Some fields failed to load. This warning can show up on an Event or Action card when:

  • Your account has been improperly configured.

  • Network errors prevent the fields from being loaded.