Use case: Resolve identity conflicts

Make sure every user is unique or generate custom identifiers when you create users.


Problem: Provide automation when creating user identifiers and resolving conflicts in user attributes across all applications.

Solution: Using the Import Inline Hook, cause Workflows to generate a unique identifier before continuing on in a provisioning Flow.

Example Applications: Okta, Salesforce, and Office 365 Admin. For the full list of Workflows connectors, see Connectors.


For a detailed tutorial to implement this flow, see Tutorial: Create unique identities with an inline hook

Sample Flow

Guidelines and limitations

  • Okta Inline Hooks have a completion timeout of three seconds with a single retry. A request is not retried if the customer endpoint returns a 4xx HTTP error code. Any 2xx code is considered successful and is not retried. if the external service endpoint responds with a redirect, it is not followed.
  • Due to the execution limit of Inline Hooks, it is important that you are careful with making excessive external calls over the course of a single Flow. If third party services are slow to respond or if you encounter network latency, the Flow may hit the hook timeout and fail.

  • Only one Inline Hook (User Import) is currently supported by Workflows. For more information, see User Import.