Configure Enhanced Group Push

To demonstrate how to configure Enhanced Group Push, this procedure uses G Suite, but Enhanced Group Push is also available for the following integrations:

Active Directory, Adobe CQ, Box, DocuSign, Dropbox for Business, Jira , Jira On-Prem, Jive Software, Litmos, Org2Org, ServiceNow UD, Slack, Smartsheet, Workplace by Facebook, Zendesk.

  1. Access your Okta instance of G Suite (Google Apps).
  2. Click Refresh App Groups to update any imports or changes that occurred in the third-party app. This ensures that all groups from the target app are represented in Okta.
  3. Click the Action button (Group Push Settings) if you want the ability to rename a group in the third-party app when linking.
  4. Choose the Push Groups tab.
  5. In the By name column, use a keyword to find the group in Okta.
  6. When the group appears in the table, click the Match results and push action drop-down menu to:
    • Create Group: This group does not exist in the target app, but it can now be pushed from Okta to the app. This is group push without enhanced functionality.
    • Link Group: This group does exist in the target app, but it is now linked to Okta and shown under the Group in Google Apps column. Use the drop-down menu to find an existing group in the target app by keyword.