Sign in with Okta FastPass on Android devices

If you sign in with Okta FastPass, you can access your app accounts securely without a password.

Note for administrators: This feature is only available on Okta Identity Engine.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have the latest Okta Verify version.

  • If your browser is Firefox browser, go to Settings and change the Open links in apps option to Always.

Sign in with Okta FastPass

You can use Okta FastPass to sign in to native mobile apps, app links, or the Okta End-User Dashboard. Okta FastPass uses your Okta Verify account to check your identity.

Sign-in window prompts you to sign in with Okta FastPass. Okta prompts users to sign in with Okta FastPass.

  1. Tap Use Okta FastPass or Sign in with Okta FastPass.
  2. Confirm your identity. Scan your fingerprint or tap the Okta Verify consent window.

    Okta prompts users to scan the fingerprint. Confirm you identity with the Okta Verify consent page.

If Okta confirms your identity, you gain access to your app account or the apps dashboard.

Configure Okta Verify to use Okta FastPass

If you don’t have an account yet, or if your account needs extra setup, Okta Verify opens and provides setup details.

  • To add an account, tap Add account.

    Okta prompt users to add an account for Okta FastPass.

  • To configure your account for Okta FastPass, tap Set up.

    Okta prompts users to configure Okta Verify for Okta FastPass.

When the setup is complete, you can use Okta FastPass to access your apps protected by Okta.

Known issues

  • Sometimes, when you try to access an app on your device in your native mobile browser, either from the End-User Dashboard or by using the app URL, you’re redirected to the app sign-in page. Although Okta FastPass and biometrics are enabled in Okta Verify on your device, you’re still prompted to enter your username and password in the sign-in window. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
    1. Go to the Okta End-User Dashboard.
    2. Find the icon of the application that you want to access.
    3. Tap the gear in the upper-right corner to open the Settings menu.
    4. Tap Reveal Password.
    5. Copy the password and paste it on the app sign-in page in your native browser.

    You can now access your app account.

  • In the case of some Android native applications, when you try to sign in to your account with Okta FastPass, Okta Verify doesn’t open. Instead, you receive the message Additional setup required to use Okta FastPass along with setup instructions. These native apps don’t support Okta FastPass yet. Use a different security method to access your app account.

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