Sign in with an Okta Verify push notification (Android)

If the sign-in window prompts you to confirm your identity with a push notification, and you select this option, approve the Okta Verify notification sent to your device. For enhanced security, your organization might present you with a number matching request.

Okta Verify features are available based on configurations made by your organization.

Before you begin

Ensure that the latest version of Okta Verify is installed on your device and your account is set up. For details, see Set up Okta Verify on Android devices.

Start this task

  1. Select the push notification option in the sign-in window.
  2. Based on your organization’s configuration, one of the following options appears.

    • If Okta Verify is in the list of authentication factors, click Okta Verify > Send Push.

      Okta Verify authentication factor in the sign-in prompt Screen capture of the Okta Verify authentication options

      Optionally, select Send push automatically for future notifications to pop up automatically on your device.

    • If Get a push notification is in your list of security methods, click Select.

      Selecting a push notification to confirm your identity

    A push notification is sent to your device.

    If a number appears in the sign-in window, you must select the matching number on your device.

    Sign-in message confirming that the push notification was sent Sign-in message for push notification with a number challenge

  3. Check your device for a push notification from Okta Verify.

    The notification expires after five minutes if you don't approve or reject the verification request. To receive a new notification on your device, go back to the app you want to access, and select the push notification option again.

  4. Confirm your identity.
    •  If prompted, tap Yes, it's me or tap Review to proceed to the number challenge.

      Okta Verify push notification to confirm your identity Prompt to review Okta Verify number challenge

      Tap the number that matches what you see in the sign-in instructions.

      How to verify your identity with the number challenge

    •  If Okta detects an unusual sign-in attempt, you might be prompted to review the sign-in details. Okta considers a sign-in attempt to be unusual based on various reasons, including details about your device and location.

      Tap Review and check the flagged location or device in the Okta Verify app.

      Unusual sign-in attempt flagged by Okta Verify

      One of the following pages opens in Okta Verify.

      Review the unrecognized device or location flagged by Okta Verify - Possible configuration Review the unrecognized device or location flagged by Okta Verify

      If the details match your device and current location, tap Yes or tap the number that matches what you see on the sign-in page.

      Otherwise, tap No, it’s not me or Cancel the sign-in attempt. This will deny the authentication attempt and prevent access to the Okta-protected account.

  5. Confirm your identity with biometrics if prompted.

    Fingerprint scanning prompt

If your identity is confirmed, you gain access to your app account.

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