Okta Device Access

Okta Device Access extends IAM (Identity and Access Management) capabilities across devices and applications, increasing security posture and protecting you from phishing attacks. Local device data is protected by the same Identity Provider that protects access to data and applications in the cloud.

Desktop MFA for Windows

Desktop MFA for Windows protects your computer and data by ensuring that only you can sign in to your Windows computer. Okta Verify is used to configure offline authentication methods in addition to the MFA methods that you might already be familiar with (for example, a push notification or a one-time password). After signing in to your Windows computer, you're prompted to add at least one offline sign-in method to confirm your identity. Having an offline sign-in method allows you to gain access to your computer, even without an internet connection. See Set up Desktop MFA for Windows

Desktop Password Sync for macOS

Desktop Password Sync for macOS syncs your computer login credentials with your Okta credentials. Okta Verify is used to verify your identity to your organization and to Okta, which allows you to access restricted apps and information. After signing into your macOS device, you’re prompted to register your computer and local account by logging in with your Okta credentials using Okta FastPass. See Set up Desktop Password Sync for macOS

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