Set up Desktop Password Sync for macOS

Desktop Password Sync for macOS syncs your computer sign-in credentials with your Okta credentials. Okta Verify is used to verify your identity to your organization and to Okta, which allows you to access restricted apps and information. After signing into your macOS device, you’re prompted to register your computer and local account by signing in with your Okta credentials using Okta FastPass.

Your sign-in experience is based on your organization's configuration.

Before you begin

You must have an Okta Verify account set up on your mobile device. See Okta Verify for Android or Okta Verify for iOS.

If your administrator requires that you use Touch ID for authentication, make sure that Touch ID is set up on your macOS device before starting the registration for Desktop Password Sync.

Register your credentials

  1. Start your macOS computer.

  2. Enter your username and password.

  3. After successfully signing in, a system notification appears. Click Register and follow the prompts. If you ignore or dismiss the registration request, it reappears in 10 minutes.

  4. Okta Verify is installed on your computer. Choose whether you want to use Touch ID as a user verification method when signing into applications. If you opt out of using Touch ID, then you don’t see prompts asking for biometrics as a verification method.

After successfully syncing your macOS local account password and your Okta password, you can sign in to your computer using your Okta password. If either password (local macOS password or Okta password) changes in the future, you may be asked to re-register your credentials to ensure your passwords remain in sync.

Sign in with Desktop Password Sync

When signing in or unlocking your macOS computer, you’re prompted to sign in. Enter your Okta credentials after completing the registration flow, which sets up your Okta password to be used as your local account password. After signing in, you have authenticated access to your local computer. Your local computer password is no longer valid or necessary.

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