Recent Activity and Security Events

On the Recent Activity page you can view sign-in and security events:

  • Sign-ins provides a list of your most recent sign-in activity to Okta.
  • Security Events provides a list of recent security events from your Okta account.

In the End-User Dashboard, you can view recent activity in two ways:

  • Click your name, and then select Recent Activity.
  • Click Last sign in on the navigation bar.

activity

In this section, you find a summary of your last 100 successful Okta sign-in events.

The Sign-ins panel contains information about your recent sign-in activity.

Device The device used to sign in to Okta. When you click this link, you see detailed information for each sign-in event:
  • IP Address
  • Location
  • Time
  • Browser
  • Click Report to send unrecognized activity information directly to your admin.
Last Sign-in Most recent time that the device was used to sign in.
Last Sign-in Location Approximate location where you signed in.
Total Sign-ins Total sign-in and location activity.
Report Click this link to report potential suspicious activity to your admin.

Security Events

The Security Events panel shows you the last three security events as cards. Each card has an overview of a specific security event.

The event card contains information about updates to primary and secondary email accounts, account password changes, and MFA factor reset and enrollment:

  • For details, click the event card. To report suspicious activity to your admin, click Report.

  • To see all security events in the last 30 days, click See all security events.

Security Events information

You find the following information when you click a security event:

  • Event
  • IP Address
  • Device
  • Location
  • Time
  • I don’t recognize this sign-in: Click this button to report unrecognized activity to your admin.

Device, IP, and location events can be flagged as Unknown when the original event doesn't capture enough log information.

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