Troubleshooting Okta Verify known issues on iOS devices

Learn how to troubleshoot Okta Verify known issues that might occur on your iOS device. If your problem persists, contact your organization’s help desk.

Can’t add an existing account to a new device


I already have an active Okta Verify account but can't add it to a new device.


If your account was suspended and then reactivated by your administrator, your existing Okta Verify app might not work and you can’t add this account to Okta Verify on a different device. Contact your help desk to resolve this problem.

Can’t access the app after completing additional setup instructions


When I try to access an app on my mobile device, the message Additional setup required appears. After I complete the setup, I still can’t access the app.

Okta additional setup prompt


Complete the required setup, sign out from your organization’s apps account, and sign in again. After signing in, access your app.

Can’t sign in with Okta FastPass in Incognito mode on Chromium browsers


In Incognito mode on Chromium browsers, when I tap Sign in with Okta FastPass in the sign-in window or tap Select for the Use Okta FastPass authenticator, Okta Verify doesn't launch.


This is known behavior. It is due to a feature in Google Chrome v75.0.3770.70 that affects all Chromium browsers (for example, Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge). With this feature, links that are clicked in Incognito mode no longer open native applications. Exit Incognito mode on your Chromium browser and try again.

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