Set up Okta Verify on your Android device with an activation link or secret key

If you can't scan QR codes with your device, you can set up Okta Verify with an activation link sent to your email or short message service (SMS) app on your device. You can also activate Okta Verify manually with a code.

Before you begin

  • Find the Okta Verify activation email from your technology department. This email includes a link to your organization’s sign-in URL and your username (typically, it’s your email address). You need this information to set up your Okta Verify account. If you didn’t receive an email with instructions, contact your help desk.
  • After setting up Okta Verify manually, you can use Okta Verify only to generate a six-digit code for authentication.

Start this task

  1. Start on your computer. Open your Okta Verify activation email in a web browser and click your organization's sign-in URL. If you don't know your sign-in URL, contact your company’s help desk.
  2. Enter your username (email address) and password and click Sign In.
  3. Click Set up for Okta Verify.
  4. Select Android as your device type and click Next.
  5. Click Can't scan? under the QR code.
  6. Choose an option:
    • Send activation link via email


      Use your primary email (the address where you received the Okta Verify setup instructions from your organization).

    • Send activation link via SMS: Enter your phone number.
    • Set up manually without push notification If you select this option, you can authenticate only with an Okta Verify code. Make note of the Secret Key. You need it later.
  7. On your device, download Okta Verify from the Google Play Store – Okta Verify and install it.
  8. Activate your account.
    • For email setup, check the email app on your device, and tap Activate Okta Verify Push. Okta Verify opens and a message confirms your successful account activation.
    • For SMS setup, check the text messages app on your device, and tap the enrollment link. Okta Verify opens and a message confirms your successful account activation.
    • For manual setup, open Okta Verify and follow the instructions to ad an account.
      1. Tap Add Account and choose Organization.
      2. Tap Yes, ready to scan.
      3. Tap Enter key manually.
      4. Enter your credentials on the Enter Key page. Then, tap Add Account.
        • Account Name: Enter the username that you received in the welcome email.
        • Key: Enter the key that was shown on your computer. See step 6.
      5. In your browser, enter the code that appears in Okta Verify.
      6. Click Verify.

Your device is now enrolled. You can start using Okta Verify to sign in to your organization's applications protected by Okta.

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