Sign in with an Okta Verify code (iOS)

If the sign-in window prompts you to confirm your identity with a code, and you select this option, open Okta Verify on your device. Read the code and enter it in the sign-in window to access your Okta-protected account.

Okta Verify features are available based on configurations made by your organization.

Before you begin

Ensure that the latest version of Okta Verify installed on your device and your account is set up. For details, see Set up Okta Verify on iOS devices.

Start this task

  1. Select Enter a code in the sign-in window.
  2. Based on your organization’s configuration, one of these options appears:

    • If Okta Verify is in the list of authentication factors, select it. Then, click the Or enter code link.

      Okta Verify authentication factor in the sign-in prompt Link for authentication using a code generated by Okta Verify

    • If Enter a code is in your list of security methods, click Select.

  3. Open Okta Verify on your device and remember the verification code that appears on the screen. If you have several accounts in Okta Verify, use the one associated with the account that you want to access.

    If the verification code is hidden, tap to reveal it. Scan your face or fingerprint as prompted.

    If the app that you want to access is on the same device as Okta Verify, tap the code to copy it, and paste it into the sign-in window.

    Reveal hidden code in Okta Verify

    The six-digit code is renewed every 30 seconds. A progress bar indicates how much time is left until a new code is generated.

  4. Enter the code in the sign-in window and click Verify.

    Based on your organization’s configuration, you use one of these sign-in windows.

    Where to enter the Okta Verify generated code in authentication prompt Authentication with a code generated by Okta Verify

If the code you entered is correct, you are signed in to your app account.

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