New sign-in experience

If your sign-in experience looks a little different, your organization now supports Identity Engine. You might have received a notification about this change.

  • There’s no security image.
  • There's no Remember me checkbox.

Some of your sign-in tasks are different, too. The following resources explain what's changed.



Stay signed in This checkbox functions like Remember me, but with some additional features.
Sign-in flow changes Your organization determines how and when you enter your username and password.
Select a security method Authentication factors are now called security methods.
Sign in with Okta FastPass If your organization now supports Okta FastPass, you can set it up in Okta Verify.
Sign in to resources protected by Okta In My apps dashboard > Settings, Extra Verification is now called Security Methods.
Okta Mobile Okta Mobile is no longer supported.

Stay signed in

The Remember me checkbox has been changed to Stay signed in. Your organization may pre-populate your username the next time you sign in from the same browser.

This option reduces the number of username and security method prompts you see the next time you sign in. Your organization may let you skip extra verification, or you may not be required to re-authenticate at all.

flow changes

Your sign-in flow may have changed.

If you see the Username and Password fields on the same page, enter your email address or username, your password, and then click Next. You may be prompted to verify with an additional security method on the next page.

If you only see a Username field, your organization accepts different security methods to help you sign in. Enter your email address with the full domain, and then click Next.

On the Security Methods page, select the option you want to use and complete the verification step.

List of Okta security methods

If your organization has advised you to set up Okta FastPass, Sign in with Okta FastPass appears on the same page as the Username field.

To use this option, you must have Okta FastPass installed and set up on your device. If you use this option, clicking the button allows you to skip the username entry and authenticate through Okta FastPass if you’ve enabled it on your device or desktop. Your organization may not require biometric authentication.

If you don’t have Okta Verify set up on your device, you can enter your username and click Next.

Select a security method

Previously, you may have been asked to select an authentication factor during the sign-in flow. Now, authentication factor is called security method.

There's also a new way to select your security method. Instead of using a dropdown list, you now see all available security methods on the page. Click Select for the one you want to use.

Here’s a comparison of the old and new pages showing the differences.

Authentication factor (old) Security method (new)
List of authentication factors on Okta Classic Engine List of Okta security methods on Okta Identity Engine

Sign in with Okta FastPass

You may have used Okta Verify before to sign in with a code or by responding to a push notification. If your org now supports Okta FastPass, you can set it up in Okta Verify.

Sign in with Okta Verify on Android devices

Sign in with Okta Verify on iOS devices

Sign in with Okta FastPass on macOS devices

Sign in with Okta FastPass on Windows devices