Add client cert app certificates

During this task we will add certificates for client certificate app use.

The client certificate application is deprecated and only included for legacy purposes. This content is for instructional purposes only.

Add certificate or certificate chain:

  1. Connect to the admin instance Access Gateway Management console.

  2. Copy
    ssh oag-mgmt@[admin.tld]
  3. Select c - Client certificate chains

    The Certificate chain root menu displays and resembles:

    Certificate Chains

    Issuer Chains (X total):
    [1]Cert chain one
    [2]Cert chain two (expired)
    [. . . ] . . .
    [N]Cert chain N

    [i]: Scroll up
    [k]: Scroll down

    [a]: Add certificate chain
    [s]: Show complete certificate chains or [h]: Hide complete certificate chains
    [c]: Manage CRL settings
    [d]: Delete
    [x]: Exit

    Build: 2021.... OS Version: ...
  4. Select a - Add certificate chain.

  5. Paste the certificate into the command window. Enter Ctrl-d when complete.

    Invalid or expired certificate chains result in error and won't be loaded.

  6. Press any key to continue. Access Gateway processes certificate chains and returns to the certificate chain main menu.

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