Initialize Access Gateway Admin UI console

To initialize the Access Gateway Console:

  1. If required, open a browser and navigate to https://admin/ and sign in. The default credentials are:

    Username: admin

    Password: <default-password>

    The first time you sign in to the Access Gateway Admin UI console, you must change the default password. See Initial sign in to Access Gateway Admin UI console.

  2. Enter a cookie domain and hostname for the Access Gateway instance, and click Next.

    The values cookie and hostname are typically of the form:

    Cookie domainThe name of the domain without
    Access Gateway HostnameCookie domain prefixed with [gw]

    Setup wizard page 1

  3. Click Done.

  4. Return to the Access Gateway browser and sign in again using the new admin domain.

  5. After signing in, you are directed to the Access Gateway Admin Topology page.

    Topology page