Recently used applications

This article covers Recently Used apps, which is enabled by default for your org. This feature allows end users to choose whether or not the Okta End-User Dashboard displays their recently used apps in a separate section. These apps can also be found in the Recently Used tab of the Okta Browser Plugin.

The Recently Used apps section displays up to 6 apps that an end-user has recently accessed.

About admin roles

Although this feature is enabled by default for orgs, admins can disable the feature to remove this section for their end users. When enabled, end-users can disable the feature themselves by referring to our end-user guide here.

Note: By default, the Recently Used apps section is disabled for admins and enabled for end-users.

Disable the Recently Used Apps section for your end users

  1. To disable the Recently Used Apps section, go to Customizations > Other > Recently Used Apps.

  2. Click the toggle to disable the feature.

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