Disable Okta Mobility Management

In Classic Engine, users enrolled in Okta Mobility Management (OMM) with Okta Mobile. Identity Engine doesn't support Okta Mobile.

Complete this procedure to turn off OMM before you upgrade.


Turning OMM policies off doesn't automatically unenroll existing enrolled devices. Ask all enrolled end users to unenroll from OMM on their device. If you deprovision devices from OMM, end users immediately lose work data from their devices.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to OMM > OMM Policies.
  2. Delete all OMM device policies.
  3. Go to OMM > VPN.
  4. Remove any VPN configurations.
  5. Go to OMM > WiFi.
  6. Remove any WiFi configurations.
  7. Go to Security > Device Trust.
  8. Clear the Enable iOS Device Trust and Enable Android Device Trust checkboxes.

    Don’t clear the checkboxes for Windows Device Trust or macOS Device Trust. When a Classic Engine org upgrades to Identity Engine, only desktop (Windows or macOS) devices transfer. There’s no automated migration for mobile devices. Mobile devices use Okta Verify.

  9. Contact your Okta account team to prepare the org for Identity Engine upgrade.

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